Marc Phillips


About Me

Marc Philips is a serial technology entrepreneur and venture capitalist. He lives and works in Palo Alto, California in the heart of Silicon Valley.


Marc currently acts as the CEO & Founder of SearchForecast which provides website publishing software, search engine optimization and a keyword optimization and word analytics software platform.

With over 20 years experience in online analytics and search engine techniques, Marc oversees the management of engineers, developers and designers who work with hundreds of global clients.

Venture Capital

Marc co-founded and is a Managing Partner in Arafura Ventures, a Silicon Valley based venture capital firm. He is actively involved in evaluation of and making investments in technology start ups. Current portfolio companies include: Transifex Inc., Gridium Inc., Qvivr Inc ( and CloudStaff Inc.

Recent Advisory Roles

Marc has assisted many international companies into Silicon Valley including Contivio - the world's most advanced contact center in the cloud. He remains a US board member. Marc was a founding shareholder of Playhaven which pivoted it's way to being a successful company, having raised over $8M. In 2014, Marc was a shareholder of San Francisco based SessionBox Inc. which was acquired by JUT Inc., a big data analytics platform.

Previous Start Ups & Exits

With the video YouTube phenomena in 2006, Marc became a founding shareholder of Silicon Valley-based GlanceGuide, an online video metric solutions provider acquired by The Nielsen Company (NYSE: NLSN) in 2010. His passion for travel and finding where locals go landed Marc as a shareholder of Inc, an online travel community acquired by NileGuide Inc. in 2010.

In 2011, Paddy Power Ltd. acquired Sportbets Technologies which Marc founded and developed into a leading Australian affiliate business using a dynamic keyword XML publishing software platform.

In 2014, NetNames Ltd. acquired WebIP. Marc was the sole investor and hands on advisor, leading the team who designed and architected the online brand management solution which manages over 25,000 domain names for 150 corporate clients.

Marc holds a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Melbourne - where in 1993 he started his previous online research company, APT Strategies which sold to Jupiter Research Inc. (NASDAQ: JUPM) in 1999. In 2004, Marc was a founding shareholder of Austalia's largest affiliate company, Commission Monster, which was acquired by IPMG in 2007.

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